About Me

Hello, I’m Shahjhan Malik.

I’m originally from Pakistan; I initially trained as a solicitor in my native country. I was forced to abandon the law, which I love, due to an arranged marriage. I later moved to the United Kingdom with my children.

My marriage was abusive. I did something which is perhaps uncommon; I chose to end it. This has been a difficult road, but I am guided by my faith in Allah and know that it has been the right one. I have set up my own business which trades consumer electronics. I have also passed a rigourous set of exams to become a dual-qualified solicitor; I can practice in both the United Kingdom and Pakistan.

I believe in human rights and women’s rights. I urge anyone reading this who believes that there is no hope and that they are trapped: you can get out of where you are. Tomorrow can be better. I am committed to helping those who are on a similar journey that I was; I want to be the sort of person I wish I had to help me on my way.

If my activism or my writing interests you, please feel free to contact me via the Get in Touch page. I can also be reached via Twitter at @shahjhan_malikk